Data Browse
Q:How to find 3C interaction locus by categories?
A:Users could browse 3C interaction locus by species, by cell line, by restriction enzyme or by gene name in Data Browse.
Genome Browser
Q:Is it acceptable for data visualization?
A:3C interaction data with locations could be visualized in Genome Browser. Curves show the interacting locus between anchor and target. The radian and shade have no special meaning.
Q: How to search 3C data in 3CDB?
A: Three methods of searching 3C data are valid here.
   Browse. Users could narrow the field by choosing species, cell line, restriction enzyme, or others in Data Browse.
  Search.Fine search is supported in Search. The "Species" means the original species the interaction genes coming form. For the species of virus, the "Cell Line" belongs to its host of genetically modified.
  Quick Search. You can get all results of 3C data when filling any Gene Name or Locus Name in Quick Search at the top right..
Q: What's the meaning of the search results ?
A: Each piece of the results contains the information, such as locations and primer sequences of the anchor and its target, of a pair of interacting locus verified by 3C. The results can be downloaded for free.
  Name. Users could get the details when click the "Name" of each data. The sign of "J" at the top left of Name would give users visible information in  JBrowse.
  Locus. The "Locus" is consistently named following this pattern:
<gene name>, <function>, <the binding protein>.
For example, (TAL1,+53kb segment, CTCF) and (LMP1,promoter,CTCF).
Q: What's the scale of 3CDB£¿
A: Statistical information is presented in table and figures in Statistic.
Q: How to contact 3CDB if I have some questions or suggestion?
A: Feel free to contact us at 3cdb@big.ac.cn if you have any questions.
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