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The Data Statistics Of Cell Line
Cell Line Name #Locus Cell Line Name #Locus
2B4.11 cells4 2BS cells2
3134 cells2 3T3-L1 cells7
70Z/3 cells3 A427 cells1
A431 cells1 A549 cells24
splenic erythroblasts20 Arabidopsis thaliana2
B cells167 Herpesviru-transformed BCBL-1 cells7
BCL1 cells4 BG3 cells12
BMDMs8 BMM3-4 cells4
bone marrow erythroid precursors7 bone marrow fibroblast3
brain60 BRE-80 cells11
BWS2 C2C12 cells15
C3H10T1/2 cells7 C4-2B cells3
C57BL/6J cells28 Caco-2 cells16
Capan-1 cells5 cardiomyocytes4
CD36+ cells1 CD4+ T cells5
CH12F3-2(B cells)1 chondrocytes4
CL-01 cells1 clp1-ts mutant strain4
Colo829 cells2 cortex cells1
SV40-transformed Monkey COS-7 cells3 DC2.4 cells1
DF-1 cells6 DH3 cells10
DKO cells38 DLD-1 cells4
DP cells2 DS19 cells3
B-lymphoid DT40 cells13 E.coli54
EBs cells2 EBV5
embryos85 embryonic erythroblasts16
embryonic erythrocytes11 embryonic fibroblasts2
epididymis cells5 erythroid cells37
ES cells79 ES-EP cells6
F9 cells40 fetal liver cells128
FL cells13 forebrain1
FRDA cells1 FSHD cells9
G1E cells7 G1E-ER-GATA-1 cells7
GM06990 cells2 H9 ESCs2
HB2 cells17 HC11 cells1
HCT116 cells38 heart19
HEK293 cells29 HEK293T cells31
HeLa cells24 HEMn-DP cells3
HEMn-LP cells2 HepG2 cells5
Hep 3B cells10 Hepa1C1C7 cells2
hESCs8 HH cells3
hindlimb1 HK-2 cells1
HL-60 cells5 ZR-75-1 cells1
Hs27 cells4 HT-29 cells14
Huh7 cells2 HuT 78 cells2
HUVECs76 IMR-90 cells15
inner stem and husk tissue7 Jurkat cells16
¶¬-TC3 cells1 K562 cells125
Kc167 cells4 KG-1 cells2
KG1a cells1 KGN cells16
kidney2 LCLs8
leucocytes11 limb2
limb buds1 liver cells118
LNCaP cells20 LoVo cells1
LS 174T cells5 LS 180 cells7
lymphoblasts1 M1 cells8
maxillary3 MBW2 cells 5
MC3T3 cells1 MC3T3-E1 cells4
MCF 10A cells1 MCF7 cells137
MCF-8 cells1 MDA-MB-231 cells8
MDA-MB-453 cells7 MDA-MB-468 cells1
MDECs49 MEF cells2
MEL cells32 MOLT-4 cells1
Mononuclear12 MPC11 cells35
muscle cells15 Mutu I2
myoblasts12 myocyte8
N2a(Neuro-2a) cells41 NeHepLxHT cells1
neonatal heart10 NHBE cells8
NHEK cells2 NIH/3T3 cells11
NOMO-1 cells3 P3X cells7
PC-3 cells3 PCS1 cells1
periocular cells1 PFC cells14
pituitary5 plasmacytoma cells1
pre-B cells36 Primary Epidermal Keratinocytes2
primary neurons14 pro-B cells36
Raji cells30 RAW264.7 cells4
RBCs29 T-REx cells1
RKO(CRC)7 Rod cells14
RWPE-1 cells3 S107 cells3
S194 cells3 S2 cells51
seedlings11 Sg4 cells12
SK-N-SH cells13 spleen13
SRS-LCLs cells2 sua7-1 cells10
SU-DHL-16 cells2 SU-DHL-4 cells15
SW13 cells4 SW1353 cells1
T cells45 T-47D cells21
T-ALL cells7 TCL1 cells15
E.coli(K-12 MG1655)26 Tg cells4
Th cells10 Th1 cells34
THP-1 cells32 tumor cells1
U266 cells2 U2OS cells8
U87 cells13 U87MG cells1
U-937 cells2 uterine epithelial cells1
Y79 cells23 yeast cells8
yolk sacs cells3 GAL1::FMP27cells5
lymphoid cells6 J558L cells1
A375 cells1 embryonic blood cells2
Tam-R cells1 C57BL/6 cells5
hGH/P1 pituitary10 hGH/P1 liver7
P5424(pro-T) cells2 Th cells(CD4+T helper)2
L929 cells3 spleen erythroid cells1
F2 cells12 leaf3
fetal erythroid cells7 ANA-1 cells1
FY23 cells14 RS420 cells4
XH-24 cells4 MSCs2
HIV-transformed J-lat A1 cells1 Colo205(CRC) cells3
LS174T(CRC) cells3 GM12878 cells11
primary erythroid cells1 I/11 cells1
EDL muscles3 Tera-2 cells17
TGR1 cells7 Rat1MycER cells2
abl cells2 Yh181
SH-SY5Y cells3 HPB-ALL cells1
9921 cells3 B48 cells1
Ym17 cells1 T6E(T-ALL) cells1
CUTLL1 cells(T-ALL)1 SGC-7901 cells2
P5425(pro-T) cells3 63-12(pro-B) cells5
thymocytes29 CD8+ cells7
CD4+ cells18 DP thymocytes8
cerebellum9 EBV-transformed LCLs3
IMR-32 cells11 lung1
gut cells1 primary epididymis cells4
HBEC cells4 HEPs10
NT2/D1 cells28 HD3 cells3
DT40 cells9 embryonic limb tissues2
mIMCD-3 cells1 hASCs8
keratinocytes9 SK-N-MC cells1
A673 cells1 293T cells4
C2 Myoblasts1 soleus4
splenic B cells19 R2k cells6
EL4 T cells4 64
fibroblast9 PBMCs cells4
231 cells1 monocytes2
lymphoma cells3 CHO cells1
trunk-anterior9 trunk-posterior11
Th17 cells2 progenitor erythropoiesis cells3
BEAS-2B cells2 MRC5 cells2
erythroblasts7 prefrontal cortex neurons1
skin fibroblasts1 cerebral cortex1
Th2 cells5 macrophage-DC progenitors2
cDCs(Conventional Dendritic Cells)1 pDCs1
macrophage1 RMECs4
MAT¶Ń cells3 Neuro-2a cells1
embryonic intestines1 P19 cells1
wings2 EFO-27 cells3
cTEC cells1 DN thymocytes27
KTC-1 cells1 thyroid tissue1
roots3 HEY cells1
OVCA429(EOC) cells1 MB-231 cells1
CAL51 cells1 A2780 cells2
OVCAR3 cells2 CD34+ cells7
fetal lung fibroblast2 Colo201 cells1
BT549 cells2 LTED cells2
HRT-18 cells2 SNU16 cells10
¶§yme11 ¶§yme21
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