Accession Title Organisms Data types Organization

Accession Title Data type Sample Scope Release Time
PRJNA790011 The complete Mitochondria genome of Camellia_sinensis_var._assamica_cv._Duntsa. Camellia(Theaceae) Other Multispecies -
PRJNA790009 The transcriptional alterations induced by mutant GNAQ Other Multispecies -
PRJNA790006 Streptomyces thinghirensis strain:strain HM3 Genome sequencing and assembly Genome sequencing and assembly Monoisolate -
PRJNA790004 Human Leiomyoma Xenograft Small RNA Other Multispecies -
PRJNA790002 Gene expression patterns of methane-, thiosulfate-, and methane+thiosulfate-grown cell of Methylovirgula sp. HY1 Other Multispecies -
PRJNA789998 TaAGL6 overexpression spikes sequencing Other Multispecies -
PRJNA789995 RNA-seq of Wheat-Thinopyrum substitution lines Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA789992 Mitochondria as environments for the nuclear genome in Drosophila: Mitonuclear GxGxE Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA789991 bulked sequencing of bs8 backcross population Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA789950 Transcriptomic sequences of lactic acid bacteria treated with acid metagenome Raw sequence reads Multispecies -