Accession Title Organisms Data types Organization

Accession Title Data type Sample Scope Release Time
PRJNA946383 Microbial community diversity and structure in the cecum of laying hens with and without mannan-rich fraction supplementation Other Multispecies -
PRJNA946382 Raw sequencing data for Solanum americanum and Solanum nigrum Other Multispecies -
PRJNA946372 Bulk Structure Probing of RNA Transcripts of neural differentiation cells Other Multispecies -
PRJNA946367 Diatom transcriptome Other Multispecies -
PRJNA946364 Citrobacter freundii strain:CAPA023 Genome sequencing Genome sequencing Monoisolate -
PRJNA946357 Opportunistic pathogens and antibiotic resistant genes that causes important urinary tract infections. Genome sequencing Monoisolate -
PRJNA946353 Respiratory viral detection and whole-genome sequencing from COVID-19 rapid antigen test devices Other Multispecies -
PRJNA946351 Microbial samples from the waters near Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Other Multispecies -
PRJNA946349 Aster poliothamnus Diels Raw sequence reads Other Environment -
PRJNA946347 Whole genome sequencing of Influenza A Virus Raw sequence reads Multiisolate -