Accession Title Organisms Data types Organization

Accession Title Data type Sample Scope Release Time
PRJNA926802 Comprehensive benchmark and architectural analysis of deep learning models for Nanopore sequencing basecalling Other Multispecies -
PRJNA926801 Effect of abiotic stressors on plant rhizosphere microbiome Other Environment -
PRJNA926800 Identification of probiotic producing genes Other Multispecies -
PRJNA926797 Trophoblast cells sequencing Other Multispecies -
PRJNA926796 Parrotia subaequalis Genome Other Monoisolate -
PRJNA926793 Effect of METH treatment on intestinal microflora in mice Other Multispecies -
PRJNA926791 ITS2 reads from litter and soil Other Multispecies -
PRJNA926790 A chromosome-level genome assembly of tomato pinworm, Tuta absoluta Other Multispecies -
PRJNA926696 Ahaetulla prasina reference genome raw sequence reads Raw sequence reads Multiisolate -
PRJNA926685 A multi-omics-based investigation into the flavor formation mechanisms during the fermentation of traditional Chinese shrimp paste Other Multispecies -