Accession Title Organisms Data types Organization

Accession Title Data type Sample Scope Release Time
PRJNA1072980 A common allele increases endometrial Wnt4 expression, with antagonistic implications for pregnancy, reproductive cancers, and endometriosis Other Multiisolate -
PRJNA1072265 Mangrove sediment archaea Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA1072081 Identifying Biomarkers and Trajectories of Typical Neurodevelopment in Children, the BRAINRISE Initiative Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA1070509 CRC_Pa_pd1_scRNA Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA1069325 Anti-photoaging effect of ferulic acid in conjunction with retinol on UVB-damaged Hacat cells Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA1067544 GEO accession GSE253838 is currently private and is scheduled to be released on Apr 01, 2025. Transcriptome or Gene expression Monoisolate -
PRJNA1067542 Nfe2l3 promotes neuroprotection and long-distance axon regeneration after injury in vivo Other - -
PRJNA1067075 Effect of Cyto-adhesive Micro-Platforms on the transcriptome of neutrophils Raw sequence reads Multispecies -
PRJNA1066359 Myb overexpression synergizes with loss of Pten and is a dependency factor and therapeutic target in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Other Multiisolate -
PRJNA1066130 Pampus argenteus Genome sequencing and assembly Genome sequencing and assembly Multiisolate -