Accession PRJCA000751
Title Expression landscape and evolutionary dynamics of circular RNAs in mammals
Relevance Evolution
Data types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Macaca mulatta
Description In this study, we constructed long-insert (400-800 bp) RNA-seq libraries combined with longer reads (2 X 250 base paired-end) and high sequencing depth (10 + 25 Gb per sample) for all 34 tissues from human, macaque and mouse.
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2019-01-18
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30893614 Expanded Expression Landscape and Prioritization of Circular RNAs in Mammals Cell Reports 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.02.078 2019
Submitter Peifeng    Ji   (
Organization Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (BIOLS)
Submission date 2018-02-06

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