Accession PRJCA005206
Title Dynamic recurreAgriculturalnce risk and adjuvant chemotherapy benefit prediction by Circulating tumor DNA in resected non-small cell lung cancer
Relevance Medical
Data types Targeted Locus (Loci)
Raw sequence reads
Genome sequencing
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description In this study, we sought to evaluate the utility of ultradeep targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) on serial longitudinal ctDNA sampling post-surgery in resected NSCLC patients for MRD detection and ACT treatment decision-making, and dynamic risk prediction of recurrence during post-surgical and post-ACT disease surveillance.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2021-05-20
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
No funding support
Submitter GUO    WEI  (
Organization National Cancer Center/National Clinical Research Center for Cancer/Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College
Submission date 2021-03-17

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