Accession PRJCA010106
Title Genome sequencing of Scutellaria species
Relevance Evolution
Data types Whole genome sequencing
Transcriptome or Gene expression
Genome sequencing and assembly
Raw sequence reads
Genome sequencing
Organisms Scutellaria obtusifolia
Scutellaria orthocalyx
Scutellaria przewalskii
Scutellaria indica
Scutellaria amoena
Scutellaria quadrilobulata
Scutellaria strigillosa
Scutellaria altissima
Scutellaria discolor
Description De novo genome sequencing, assembling and annotation of nine species from genus Scutellaria, to give an insight into the evolutionary pathways of specialized metabolites biosynthesis
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2023-09-19
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
National Key R&D Program of China 2018YFC1706200
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 31870282
Special Fund for Scientific Research of Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administrative Bureau G212401
Submitter Tianlin    Pei  (
Organization Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2022-06-16

Project Data

Resource name Description
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GSA (5) -
CRA008693 Full-length transcriptom sequecing of 9 Scutellaria species
CRA008453 Illumina RNA sequencing of Scutellaria orthocalyx, Scutellaria discolor, Scutellaria amoena and Scutellaria przewalskii
CRA008451 Illumina RNA sequencing of Scutellaria strigillosa, Scutellaria indica and Scutellaria quadrilobulata
CRA007339 Illumina RNA sequencing of Scutellaria altissima and Scutellaria obtusifolia
CRA008278 Genome survey of Scutellaria indica