Accession PRJCA010170
Title Composting microbiome
Relevance Agricultural
Data types Metagenome
Raw sequence reads
Organisms Bacteria
Description This study focused on the difference in microbial community during composting processes between inoculated group and CK group. The whole composting cycle contains three continuous stages, namely mesophilic stage, thermophilic stage and maturation stage. Then DNA was extracted from samples collected during these stages. Amplicon sequencing was performed based on full-length16S rDNA and full-length ITS sequences. After bioinformatics analysis, the structure and change of microbial community of the two groups were known, which can be applied as guidance for improving the efficiency and stability of composting.
Sample scope Environment
Release date 2022-06-21
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
No funding support
Submitter Weiwei    Dong  (
Organization Huazhong Agricultural University
Submission date 2022-06-21

Project Data

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CRA007273 composting bacterial amplicon sequencing
CRA007298 composting fungal amplicon sequencing