Accession PRJCA011595
Title Identification and mechanism of protein machines involved in the regulation of growth and development of higher plants by light signals
Relevance Model organism
Data types Whole genome sequencing
Organisms Arabidopsis thaliana
Description Arabidopsis thaliana seedling transcriptome of Col and bbx30-2 bbx31-2.Arabidopsis thaliana seedling transcriptome of Col-0, wrky32-1,wrky32-3.The asymmetric gene expression analysis in the hypocotyls of soybean (Glycine max) after gravistimulation.The gene expression analysis in Arabidopsis after shade treatment.ChIP-seq data of PIF7 and bHLH60 in Arabidopsis.Analyses of blue light, red light, CRY1/2 and phyB-regulated genes, and genes dependent on auxin receptors by RNA-seq.Analyses of blue light, CRY1/2, ARP6 and HY5/HYH-regulated genes by RNA-seq.Transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis seeds from PIF1-MIR408-PLC.Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of WT,cop1 and cor27cor28 mutant Transcriptomes (thale cress).Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of WT and HY5 mutant Transcriptomes (thale cress).SIN3 LIKE genes mediate long-day induction of flowering but inhibit the floral transition in short days through histone deacetylation in Arabidopsis.
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2022-09-24
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (MOST) 2017YFA0503800
Submitter Zhou  Guo  liang  (
Organization Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University
Submission date 2022-09-01

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