Accession PRJNA1018686
Title Acer truncatum Transcriptome or Gene expression
Data types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Sample scope Monoisolate
Organism Acer truncatum [Taxonomy ID: 47965]
Description The seeds of Acer truncatum cultivars 'QC' and 'Y38' were collected from the experimental nursery of Shandong Provincial Academy of Forestry. The A. truncatum cultivar 'QC' exhibited a high fatty acid, and '38' exhibited low fatty acid in the seed oil based on years of content determination. There were four kinds of samples: Y38_1, Y38_2, YQC_1, and YQC_2, divided into two comparison groups (Y38_1 vs. YQC_1 and Y38_2 vs. YQC_2) to compare the differences between the groups.
Organization Shandong Provincial Academy of Forestry
Data Source NCBI

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