Accession PRJNA1042913
Title Environmental and Molecular Regulation of Diapause Formation in a Scyphozoan Jellyfish
Data types Raw sequence reads
Sample scope Monoisolate
Organism Aurelia coerulea [Taxonomy ID: 1962980]
Description Understanding the mechanisms underlying diapause formation is crucial for gaining insight into adaptive survival strategies across various species.In this study, we explored the cellular and molecular basis of diapause formation using single-cell RNA sequencing. In addition, we mapped the single-cell atlas of diapausing podocysts, identifying cell types involved in metabolism, environmental sensing, defence, and development, which may collectively contribute to the long-term survival and regulated excystment of diapausing podocysts.
Organization Chinese Academy of Sciences
Data Source NCBI

Project Data

Resource name Description
Experiment (3) -
SRX22628977 scRNA-seq of non-podocyst-forming polyps
SRX22631391 scRNA-seq of podocyst-forming polyps
SRX22632513 scRNA-seq of podocysts