Accession PRJNA881822
Title Potentilla freyniana Raw sequence reads
Data types Raw sequence reads
Sample scope Monoisolate
Organism Potentilla freyniana [Taxonomy ID: 667250]
Description Get this sequnce from Potentilla freyniana Bornm. This is the first work aiming at investigate the miRNAs in Dong medicine P. freyniana . The results may lay foundation for further study and application of this folk medicine.
Organization hunan university of medicine
Data Source NCBI

Project Data

Resource name Description
Experiment (4) -
SRX17650507 P. freyniana root2
SRX17650506 P. freyniana root1
SRX17650509 P. freyniana sterm1
SRX17650508 P. freyniana root3