Accession PRJNA904525
Title PhysiologicalandtranscriptomeanalysisofMytiluscoruscusinresponsetoProrocentrumlimaandmicroplastics
Relevance Environmental
Data types Raw sequence reads
Sample scope Multispecies
Description Nowadays, diarrheic shellfish toxicity (DSP) toxin and microplastics (MPs) are commonly found in coastal waters worldwide. Due to their widespread use, their persistence and toxicity, they may induce adverse effects on Mytilus coruscus. However, the underlying toxic mechanisms of DSP and MPs on M. coruscus remain unclear. This study explored the physiological index and transcriptome change of the digestive gland of adult M. coruscus exposed for 3 days to polystyrene (PS) MPs and Prorocentrum lima alone or in combination.
Organization Zhejiang Ocean University
Data Source NCBI

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