Accession PRJNA945578
Title Tandem mobilization of anti-phage defenses alongside SCCmec cassettes
Relevance Basic research and medical relevance
Data types Raw sequence reads
Sample scope Multispecies
Description This study seeks to characterize the anti-phage defenses in staphylococci. Recent years have witnessed an explosion of new anti-phage defenses that have been functionally characterized in a few model organisms, but the defenses in clinically-relevant bacteria such as staphylococci have not been systematically explored. This study seeks to inventory the defenses in staphylococci, specifically those enriched within/near SCCmec cassettes, mobile genetic elements that are notorious for spreading antibiotic resistance. This work will help to inform the development of more effective phage-based therapeutics.
Organization University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Data Source NCBI

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