Accession PRJNA976082
Title Copper bioreduction and nanoparticle synthesis by an enrichment culture from a former copper mine
Data types Raw sequence reads
Sample scope Multispecies
Description Microorganisms can facilitate the reduction of copper (Cu), altering its speciation and mobility in environmental systems and producing Cu-based nanoparticles with useful catalytic properties. However, only a few model organisms have been studied in relation to Cu bioreduction and little work has been carried out on microbes from Cu-contaminated environments. This study aimed to enrich for Cu2+-resistant microbes from a Cu-contaminated soil and explore their potential to reduce Cu2+ and synthesise Cu nanoparticles from solution. We show that an enrichment grown in a Cu-amended medium, dominated by species closely related to Geothrix fermentans, Azospira restricta, and Cellulomonas oligotrophica, can reduce Cu2+ with subsequent precipitation of Cu nanoparticles.
Organization University of Manchester
Data Source NCBI

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