Accession PRJNA976088
Title Mechanisms of lead-containing pigments discoloration caused by Naumannella cuiyingiana AFT2, isolated from 1500 years tomb wall painting, China
Data types Raw sequence reads
Sample scope Multispecies
Description Naumannella cuiyingiana AFT2 was isolated from a wall painting on the south wall of the main chamber in Xu Xianxiu's Tomb, located in Taiyuan City,Shanxi Province, China. The strain belonged to Naumannella,which was first established by Rieser et al. in 2012.By the time AFT2 was discovered, there was only one species,Naumannella halotolerans,within the genus.Due to it being the first isolation of AFT2 and the discoloration mechanism of this strain in wall painting pigments,the acquisition of genomic sequence will facilitate further research on AFT2 and the conservation of ancient tomb murals.
Organization Lanzhou University
Data Source NCBI

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