Accession SAMN30160470
Title Non-tumor DNA-WGS sample from a human participant in the dbGaP study "APOLLO1: Proteogenomic Analysis of Lung Adenocarcinoma">
Organism Homo sapiens
Sample type Generic.1.0
gap_subject_id 4298097
analyte type DNA-WGS
biospecimen repository sample id 46-13616
is tumor No
gap_sample_id 5064058
submitted sample id 46-13616
study name APOLLO1: Proteogenomic Analysis of Lung Adenocarcinoma
study design Tumor vs. Matched-Normal
submitter handle NCI_APOLLO1_LungAdenocarcinoma
submitted subject id AP-QD4Q
gap_accession phs003011
biospecimen repository NCI_APOLLO1_LungAdenocarcinoma
Release date 2022-08-05
Data Source NCBI