Accession SAMN30916473
Title CDC Sars CoV2 Sequencing Baseline Constellation
Organism Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Sample type SARS-CoV-2: clinical or host-associated; version 1.0
host_disease COVID-19
collection_date 2022-09-06
diagnostic_pcr_Ct_value_1 Unknown
diagnostic_pcr_Ct_value_2 Unknown
diagnostic_pcr_Ct_value_3 Unknown
collection_device Nasal swab
collected_by 'Helix'
purpose_of_sequencing baseline surveillance (random sampling)
diagnostic_gene_name_2 ORF1ab
diagnostic_gene_name_3 S
diagnostic_pcr_protocol_3 Helix COVID-19 and Flu Test
host_age 66
diagnostic_gene_name_1 N
host_sex female
host_race Black or African American
lineage/clade name BA.5.5
diagnostic_pcr_protocol_1 Helix COVID-19 and Flu Test
diagnostic_pcr_protocol_2 Helix COVID-19 and Flu Test
host Homo sapiens
collection_method Nasal swab
Isolate SARS-CoV-2/Human/USA/AL-CDC-STM-MDZAZ635X/2022
geo_loc_name USA: Alabama
isolation_source nasal swab
Organization CDC-OAMD
Release date 2022-09-19
Data Source NCBI

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