Chloroplast Genome Information Resource (CGIR) is a curated resource of chloroplast genome information, dedicating to the integration, annotation and standardization of chloroplast genomes, genes, simple sequence repeats (SSR), and DNA signature sequences (DSS).


CGIR is free for academic use only. For any commercial use, please contact us for commercial licensing terms.

News & Updates

  • A total of 29,069 chloroplast genome from 16,435 species is integrated and curated. (2023.08.08)
  • A total of 19,388 chloroplast genome from 11,946 species is integrated and curated. (2022.07.01)
  • 13,048 chloroplast genome from 8502 species is integrated and curated. (2022.04.01)
  • Photosynthesis genes, SSRs and DSSs are updated. (2020.06.17)
  • A total of 4,709 chloroplast genome from 4,485 species is integrated and curated. (2020.05.20)
  • CGIR v1.0 is online released. (2020.05.20)
  • CGIR beta version is released. (2020.03.28)

Funding support

  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Project of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences(CI2021B014/CI2021A041)
  • Special Funds for Basic Resources Investigation Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology (2018FY10080002).
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (81891013)

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