Chloroplast Genome Information Resource (CGIR) is a curated resource of chloroplast genome information, dedicating to the integration, annotation and standardization of chloroplast genomes, genes, simple sequence repeats (SSR), and DNA signature sequences (DSS).

News & Updates

  • A total of 19,388 chloroplast genome from 11,946 species is integrated and curated. (2022.07.01)
  • 13,048 chloroplast genome from 8502 species is integrated and curated. (2022.04.01)
  • Photosynthesis genes, SSRs and DSSs are updated. (2020.06.17)
  • A total of 4,709 chloroplast genome from 4,485 species is integrated and curated. (2020.05.20)
  • CGIR v1.0 is online released. (2020.05.20)
  • CGIR beta version is released. (2020.03.28)

Funding support

  • Scientific and Technological Innovation Project of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences(CI2021B014/CI2021A041)
  • Special Funds for Basic Resources Investigation Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology (2018FY10080002).
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (81891013)

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