Editome Disease Knowledgebase
Editome-disease associations based on literature curation and integrative analysis

Editome Disease Knowledgebase

The Editome Disease Knowledgebase (EDK) is a repository of editome-disease associations aimed to decoding human diseases from transcriptome to editome.

e.g.: ADAR1; Breast Cancer; CTSS; chr1:150732024; Hepatitis Delta Virus;
Integrative Analysis

News and Update

[June, 2024]

7 publications have been added in EDK.

[May, 2024]

7,190 differential edited genes and 86,242 differential editing sites are newly added.

[June, 2023]

EDK v2.0 is accessible.

[Sep, 2020]

The exogenous RNAs module, including 165 deamination-independent and deamination-dependent RNA editing associations, has been added in EDK.

[Sep, 2019]

15 publications have been added in EDK.

[Sep, 2019]

57 RNA editing sites in association with 2 diseases are added.

[Sep, 2018]

4 publications have been added in EDK.

[June, 2018]

EDK is updated with bug fixed and new features added.

[June, 2018]

EDK v1.0 is publicly accessible.

Identification and annotation of RNA editing sites, as well as the discovery of RNA editing-disease and disease-disease associations

Featured Annotation
Multifaceted RNA editing sites characterization

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Editome Disease Knowledgebase (EDK): a curated knowledgebase of editome-disease associations in human. Nucleic Acids Res 2019. [PMID=30357418]

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