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Gene Expression Nebulas

A data portal of transcriptome profiles across multiple species

PRJNA575243: Single-cell analyses reveal increasing intratumoral heterogeneity as an essential component of treatment resistance in small cell lung cancer [RNA-Seq]

Source: NCBI / GSE138267
Submission Date: Oct 01 2019
Release Date: Feb 12 2020
Update Date: Feb 25 2020

Summary: The natural history of small cell lung cancer (SCLC) includes rapid evolution from exquisite chemosensitivity to insurmountable chemoresistance. The mechanisms underlying treatment-resistance in SCLC remain obscure due to scarcity of tissue samples following relapse. We generated circulating tumor cell (CTC)-derived xenografts (CDXs) from SCLC patients to study intratumoral heterogeneity (ITH) and its contribution to treatment resistance. To investigate this, we performed single-cell RNAseq analyses of chemo-sensitive and -resistant CDXs, as well as longitudinal analyses of CDXs and patient CTCs. We found increased ITH, heterogeneous expression of pathways known to be associated with resistance, and transcriptional diversity of either therapeutic targets or EMT genes between cellular subpopulations following treatment-resistance to either chemotherapy or targeted therapies (PARP or CHK inhibitors). Similarly, serial profiling of patient CTCs directly from blood confirmed increased ITH post-relapse, with gene expression patterns similar to a CDX from the same patient. These data suggest that treatment-resistance in SCLC is characterized by the presence of coexisting subpopulations of tumor cells with heterogeneous gene expression leading to activation of multiple, concurrent resistance mechanisms. These findings emphasize the need for drug development efforts to focus on rational combination therapies for treatment-naïve SCLC tumors to maximize the depth and duration of initial responses and counteract the rapid increase in ITH and emergence of broad therapeutic resistance.

Overall Design: small cell lung cancer CTC derived xenograft single cell RNA-sequencing

GEN Datasets:
Healthy Condition:
Growth Protocol: Tumors were grown in mice to between 500-800 mm3
Treatment Protocol: Mice were untreated
Extract Protocol: Tumors were collected and RNA extracted using Trizol reagent and purified with a Qiagen RNeasy kit
Library Construction Protocol: Sequencing library were constructed following 10x Genomics Chromiun v2 library preparation protocol.
Molecule Type: poly(A)+ RNA
Library Source:
Library Layout: PAIRED
Library Strand: Forward
Platform: ILLUMINA
Instrument Model: Illumina HiSeq 2000
Strand-Specific: Specific
Basic Information:
Sample Characteristic:
Biological Condition:
Experimental Variables:
Assessing Quality:
Data Resource GEN Sample ID GEN Dataset ID Project ID BioProject ID Sample ID Sample Name BioSample ID Sample Accession Experiment Accession Release Date Submission Date Update Date Species Race Ethnicity Age Age Unit Gender Source Name Tissue Cell Type Cell Subtype Cell Line Disease Disease State Development Stage Mutation Phenotype Case Detail Control Detail Growth Protocol Treatment Protocol Extract Protocol Library Construction Protocol Molecule Type Library Layout Strand-Specific Library Strand Spike-In Strategy Platform Instrument Model Cell Number Reads Number Gbases AvgSpotLen1 AvgSpotLen2 Uniq Mapping Rate Multiple Mapping Rate Coverage Rate
Single-cell analyses reveal increased intratumoral heterogeneity after the onset of therapy resistance in small-cell lung cancer.
Nature cancer . 2020-02-17 [PMID: 33521652]