Gene Expression Nebulas
A data portal of transcriptomic profiles across multiple species

Gene Expression Nebulas

A data portal of transcriptome profiles across multiple species

Basic Information

Latin Name: Danio rerio
Common Name: Zebrafish
Kingdom: Animalia
Division: Vertebrates
Taxonomy ID: 7955
Parent Taxonomy ID: 7954


Data Resource Project ID BioProject ID Title Strategy Species Tissue Cell Type Cell Line Disease Sample Number Summary Overall Design PMID Release Date Submission Date Update Date


Single-Cell Sequencing Reveals Heterogeneity Effects of Bisphenol A on Zebrafish Embryonic Development.
Chen L, Wang Z, Gu W, Zhang XX, Ren H, Wu B.
Environ Sci Technol. 2020-07-21; 54 (15)
Prdm8 regulates pMN progenitor specification for motor neuron and oligodendrocyte fates by modulating the Shh signaling response.
Scott K, O'Rourke R, Gillen A, Appel B.
Development. 2020-08-27; 147 (16)