Gene Expression Nebulas
A data portal of transcriptomic profiles analyzed by a unified pipeline across multiple species

Gene Expression Nebulas

A data portal of transcriptome profiles across multiple species

Basic Information

Latin Name: Gallus gallus
Common Name: Chicken
Kingdom: Animalia
Division: Vertebrates
Taxonomy ID: 9031
Parent Taxonomy ID: 9030


Download Dataset ID BioProject ID Project ID Dataset Name Species Strategy Sample Number Tissue Cell Type Cell Line Healthy Condition Development Stage Case Detail Control Detail Cell Number Biological Condition Quality and Quantity
Baseline Genetic Phenotypic Environmental Spatial Temporal RNA Type Median Mapping Quality Median Coverage Max Sequencing Length Max Replicate#


Insights into Gonadal Sex Differentiation Provided by Single-Cell Transcriptomics in the Chicken Embryo.
Estermann MA, Williams S, Hirst CE, Roly ZY, Serralbo O, Adhikari D, Powell D, Major AT, Smith CA.
Cell Rep. 2020-04-01; 31 (1)
A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the developing chicken limb.
Feregrino C, Sacher F, Parnas O, Tschopp P.
BMC Genomics. 2019-05-22; 20 (1)