Gene Expression Nebulas
A data portal of transcriptomic profiles across multiple species

Gene Expression Nebulas

A data portal of transcriptome profiles across multiple species

Basic Information

Latin Name: Xenopus tropicalis
Common Name: Tropical clawed frog
Kingdom: Animalia
Division: Vertebrates
Taxonomy ID: 8364
Parent Taxonomy ID: 8363


Data Resource Project ID BioProject ID Title Strategy Species Tissue Cell Type Cell Line Disease Sample Number Summary Overall Design PMID Release Date Submission Date Update Date


The dynamics of gene expression in vertebrate embryogenesis at single-cell resolution.
Briggs JA, Weinreb C, Wagner DE, Megason S, Peshkin L, Kirschner MW, Klein AM.
Science. 2018-04-26; 360 (6392)
RNA sequencing reveals a diverse and dynamic repertoire of the Xenopus tropicalis transcriptome over development.
Tan MH, Au KF, Yablonovitch AL, Wills AE, Chuang J, Baker JC, Wong WH, Li JB.
Genome Res. 2012-09-07; 23 (1)