Single cell transcriptome data from meningioma tissues.
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Meningioma was proposed as a diagnosis through imaging studies and was later verified by post-surgery pathology reports. The patients who participated in the study all gave written informed consent, and the ethical review board of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University (KY2017-022-01) approved the study protocols.The scRNA-seq experiment was conducted at CapitalBio Technology Co., Ltd. In brief, the single-cell suspension was loaded onto the 10X Genomics single-cell chip with the goal of capturing 3000 cells/chip. The library was prepared according to the recommended protocol of the 10X Genomics Single Cell 3' Kit. The sequencing library was constructed using single-cell 3' v2 chemistry (10x Genomics) and sequenced on Illumina HiSeq X-10, generating 90 G data for each sample. The raw sequencing data underwent processing by Cell Ranger (version 3.02), which is the official bundled software of 10X Genomics. We aligned the data to the human reference genome (GRCh38) using the default pipeline.
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Zhang Dake
Beihang University ,Biological Science and Medical Engineering ,DK Research Group
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Submission date:   2023-06-15
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