CRA000053 Information
Title: CRA_53
BioProject: PRJCA000170 /
Release date: 2018-08-21
Files: 66
File size: 155.81 GB
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Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample accession
CRX003345 Transcriptome of Tibetan minipig Sus scrofa Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC003435
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR003714 Tibetantr1 File: CRD007081.gz
CRR003715 Tibetantr2 File: CRD007082.gz
CRR003716 Tibetantr3 File: CRD007083.gz
CRR003717 Tibetantr4 File: CRD007084.gz
CRR003718 Tibetantr5 File: CRD007085.gz
CRR003719 Tibetantr6 File: CRD007086.gz
CRR003720 Tibetantr7 File: CRD007087.gz
CRR003721 Tibetantr8 File: CRD007088.gz
CRR003722 Tibetantr9 File: CRD007090.gz
CRR003723 Tibetantr10 File: CRD007089.gz
CRX003344 Transcriptome of Bama minipig Sus scrofa Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC003434
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR003658 Bamatr1 File: CRD007025.gz
CRR003659 Bamatr2 File: CRD007026.gz
CRR003660 Bamatr3 File: CRD007027.gz
CRR003661 Bamatr4 File: CRD007028.gz
CRR003662 Bamatr5 File: CRD007029.gz
CRR003663 Bamatr6 File: CRD007030.gz
CRR003664 Bamatr7 File: CRD007031.gz
CRR003665 Bamatr8 File: CRD007032.gz
CRR003666 Bamatr9 File: CRD007033.gz
CRR003667 Bamatr10 File: CRD007034.gz
CRR003668 Bamatr11 File: CRD007035.gz
CRR003669 Bamatr12 File: CRD007036.gz
CRR003670 Bamatr13 File: CRD007037.gz
CRR003671 Bamatr14 File: CRD007038.gz
CRR003672 Bamatr15 File: CRD007039.gz
CRR003673 Bamatr16 File: CRD007040.gz
CRR003674 Bamatr17 File: CRD007041.gz
CRR003675 Bamatr18 File: CRD007042.gz
CRR003676 Bamatr19 File: CRD007044.gz
CRR003677 Bamatr20 File: CRD007043.gz
CRR003678 Bamatr21 File: CRD007046.gz
CRR003679 Bamatr22 File: CRD007045.gz
CRR003680 Bamatr23 File: CRD007047.gz
CRR003681 Bamatr24 File: CRD007048.gz
CRR003682 Bamatr25 File: CRD007049.gz
CRR003683 Bamatr26 File: CRD007050.gz
CRR003684 Bamatr27 File: CRD007051.gz
CRR003685 Bamatr28 File: CRD007052.gz
CRR003686 Bamatr29 File: CRD007053.gz
CRR003687 Bamatr30 File: CRD007054.gz
CRR003688 Bamatr31 File: CRD007055.gz
CRR003689 Bamatr32 File: CRD007056.gz
CRR003690 Bamatr33 File: CRD007057.gz
CRR003691 Bamatr34 File: CRD007058.gz
CRR003692 Bamatr35 File: CRD007059.gz
CRR003693 Bamatr36 File: CRD007060.gz
CRR003694 Bamatr37 File: CRD007061.gz
CRR003695 Bamatr38 File: CRD007062.gz
CRR003696 Bamatr39 File: CRD007063.gz
CRR003697 Bamatr40 File: CRD007064.gz
CRR003698 Bamatr41 File: CRD007065.gz
CRR003699 Bamatr42 File: CRD007066.gz
CRR003700 Bamatr43 File: CRD007067.gz
CRR003701 Bamatr44 File: CRD007068.gz
CRR003702 Bamatr45 File: CRD007069.gz
CRR003703 Bamatr46 File: CRD007070.gz
CRR003704 Bamatr47 File: CRD007071.gz
CRR003705 Bamatr48 File: CRD007072.gz
CRR003706 Bamatr49 File: CRD007073.gz
CRR003707 Bamatr50 File: CRD007074.gz
CRR003708 Bamatr51 File: CRD007075.gz
CRR003709 Bamatr52 File: CRD007076.gz
CRR003710 Bamatr53 File: CRD007077.gz
CRR003711 Bamatr54 File: CRD007078.gz
CRR003712 Bamatr55 File: CRD007079.gz
CRR003713 Bamatr56 File: CRD007080.gz
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Submitter:Yu Jun (junyu@big.ac.cn)
Organization:Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Date submitted:2016-03-01