CRA002489 Information
Title: A cell atlas of fetal liver
BioProject: PRJCA002426 / CRP001490
Release date: 2021-07-21
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample accession
CRX102095 E14.5 Fetal Liver Mus musculus Illumina NovaSeq 6000 SAMC150326
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR126278 E14.5 fetal liver 1 File: CRR126278_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126278_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126279 E14.5 fetal liver 2 File: CRR126279_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126279_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126280 E14.5 fetal liver 3 File: CRR126280_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126280_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126281 E14.5 fetal liver 4 File: CRR126281_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126281_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126282 E14.5 fetal liver 5 File: CRR126282_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126282_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126283 E14.5 fetal liver 6 File: CRR126283_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126283_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126284 E14.5 fetal liver 7 File: CRR126284_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126284_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126285 E14.5 fetal liver 8 File: CRR126285_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126285_r2.fastq.gz
CRX102094 E13.5 Fetal Liver Mus musculus Illumina NovaSeq 6000 SAMC150325
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR126274 E13.5 fetal liver 1 File: CRR126274_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126274_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126275 E13.5 fetal liver 2 File: CRR126275_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126275_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126276 E13.5 fetal liver 3 File: CRR126276_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126276_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126277 E13.5 fetal liver 4 File: CRR126277_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126277_r2.fastq.gz
CRX102093 E12.5 Fetal Liver Mus musculus Illumina NovaSeq 6000 SAMC150324
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR126266 E12.5 fetal liver 1 File: CRR126266_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126266_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126267 E12.5 fetal liver 2 File: CRR126267_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126267_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126268 E12.5 fetal liver 3 File: CRR126268_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126268_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126269 E12.5 fetal liver 4 File: CRR126269_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126269_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126270 E12.5 fetal liver 5 File: CRR126270_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126270_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126271 E12.5 fetal liver 6 File: CRR126271_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126271_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126272 E12.5 fetal liver 7 File: CRR126272_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126272_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126273 E12.5 fetal liver 8 File: CRR126273_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126273_r2.fastq.gz
CRX102092 E11.5 Fetal Liver Mus musculus Illumina NovaSeq 6000 SAMC150323
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR126262 E11.5 fetal liver 1 File: CRR126262_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126262_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126263 E11.5 fetal liver 2 File: CRR126263_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126263_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126264 E11.5 fetal liver 3 File: CRR126264_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126264_r2.fastq.gz
CRR126265 E11.5 fetal liver 4 File: CRR126265_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR126265_r2.fastq.gz
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Submitter:Suwei Gao (
Organization:Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Date submitted:2020-03-24