Experiment information
Accession CRX112864
Organism Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Accession in Other Database NCBI: SRX7730885
Title WIV02
BioProject PRJCA002668
BioSample SAMC186892
Platform Illumina MiSeq
Library name Construction protocol Strategy Source Selection Layout
WIV02 Total RNA was extracted from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid using the QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit (50) following the manufacturers instructions. An RNA library was then constructed using the NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Kit (NEB, USA). Paired-end (150 bp) sequencing of the RNA library was performed on the Miseq platform (Illumina). RNA-Seq METAGENOMIC RANDOM PAIRED
Processing Planned read length (bp) for mate 1: 135
Planned read length (bp) for mate 2: 135
Release date2020-06-15
Run accession Release date Run data file information
File nameFile size (MB)
CRR138411 2020-06-15 ICU4G_S1_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz
SubmitterThis record was originated from NCBI and submitted by NGDC.
OrganizationBeijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Date submitted2020-05-24