Experiment information
Accession CRX257271
Organism Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
Title SG2-0131-SP-E
BioProject PRJCA005693
BioSample SAMC399939
Platform PacBio Sequel
Library name Construction protocol Strategy Source Selection Layout
Amplification primers of the full Spike gene were designed and full-length DNA of spike gene was quantified using The Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer and Qubit dsDNA HS Assay Kit. Consensus sequences was formed by SMART link ccs v7.0.1. Targeted-Capture VIRAL RNA RT-PCR FRAGMENT
Release date2021-07-21
Run accession Release date Run data file information
File nameFile size (MB)
CRR302351 2021-07-21 SG2-0131-SP.amp.CCS.fasta.gz 12.39
SubmitterFengming Sun (bio_sunfm@sina.com)
OrganizationSouthwest Hospital
Date submitted2021-07-09