1. Metadata

1.1 BioProject

BioProject is a searchable collection of complete and incomplete (in-progress) large-scale molecular projects including genome sequencing and assembly, transcriptome, metagenomic, annotation, expression and mapping projects.

1.1.1 ID System

BioProject accession No. is prefixed with 'PRJC' and followed by 1 Capital letters and 6 digits. For example, PRJCA000001.

1.1.2 Attributes

See the Standard of BioProject metadata for detailed information.

1.2 BioSample

BioSample contains descriptions of biological source materials used in studies that have data in other National Genomics Data Center databases such as Genome Sequence Archive, Genome Warehouse, Gene Expression Nebulas, Genome Variation Map, Methylation Bank, etc. The National Genomics Data Center, working collaboratively with multiple partner institutions/laboratories, develops a family of standards for big omics data representation, analysis, search and exchange.

1.2.1 ID System

BioSample accession No. is prefixed with 'SAMC', and followed by6 digits. For example, SAMC000001.

1.2.2 Sample Types
1.2.3 Attributes

See the Standard of BioSample metadata for detailed information.