Standards Source

Source:The library source specifies the type of source material that is being sequenced.

Source Type of genetic source material sequenced
GENOMIC Genomic DNA (includes PCR products from genomic DNA).
TRANSCRIPTOMIC Transcription products or non-genomic DNA (EST, cDNA, RT-PCR, screened libraries.
METATRANSCRIPTOMIC Transcription products from community targets.
METAGENOMIC Mixed material from metagenome.
OTHER Other, unspecified, or unknown library source material. (please include additional info in the “design description”) Selection

Selection:whether any method was used to select and/or enrich the material being sequenced.

Selection Method of selection or enrichment used in the Experiment
unspecified Library enrichment, screening, or selection is not specified. (please include additional info in the “design description”)
RANDOM Random selection by shearing or other method.
PCR Source material was selected by designed primers.
RANDOM PCR Source material was selected by randomly generated primers.
RT-PCR Source material was selected by reverse transcription PCR.
HMPR Hypo-methylated partial restriction digest.
MF Methyl Filtrated.
CF-S Cot-filtered single/low-copy genomic DNA.
CF-M Cot-filtered moderately repetitive genomic DNA.
CF-H Cot-filtered highly repetitive genomic DNA.
CF-T Cot-filtered theoretical single-copy genomic DNA.
MDA Multiple displacement amplification.
MSLL Methylation Spanning Linking Library.
cDNA complementary DNA.
ChIP Chromatin immunoprecipitation.
MNase Micrococcal Nuclease (MNase) digestion.
DNAse Deoxyribonuclease (MNase) digestion.
Hybrid Selection Selection by hybridization in array or solution.
Reduced Representation Reproducible genomic subsets, often generated by restriction fragment size selection, containing a manageable number of loci to facilitate re-sampling.
Restriction Digest DNA fractionation using restriction enzymes.
5-methylcytidine antibody Selection of methylated DNA fragments using an antibody raised against 5-methylcytosine or 5-methylcytidine (m5C).
MBD2 protein methyl-CpG binding domain Enrichment by methyl-CpG binding domain.
CAGE Cap-analysis gene expression.
RACE Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends.
size fractionation Physical selection of size appropriate targets.
Padlock probes capture method Circularized oligonucleotide probes.
Poly-A polyA enriched RNA-seq.
other Other library enrichment, screening, or selection process. (please include additional info in the “design description”)