Borzoi(Russian wolfhound) Detail Information
General Information

iDog Breed Number: CB45
Original: Russia
Energy Level: Somewhat Active; This awesomely fast sprinter needs running room; at home, Borzoi are quiet and catlike
Good With Children: Better with Older Children
Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
Shedding: Seasonal
Grooming: Occasional
Trainability: Independent
Height: 71.1 cm & up (male), 66 cm & up (female)
Weight: 34-47.6 kg (male), 27.2-38.6 kg (female)
Life Expectancy: 9-14 years
Barking Level: Quiet

Web Source Name: Borzoi from AKC
Other Name: Barzoi; Russian Wolfhound; Russian Hunting Sighthound; Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya

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Associated Disease Information
Disease Name Gene Name Disease Level (CIDD) Associated Links
Aortic body tumors      OMIM: 9123
Carotid body tumors      OMIM: 9123
Fibrous histiocytoma      OMIM: 9123
Mastocytoma      OMIM: 9123
Oligodendroglioma      OMIM: 9123
Pituitary tumor      OMIM: 9123
Primary uterine inertia      OMIM: 9123
Cataract HSF4  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Cervical vertebral malformation or instability have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Collie eye anomaly NHEJ1  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Craniomandibular osteopathy      OMIM: 9123
Cryptorchidism      OMIM: 9123
Gastric dilatation-volvulus have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Hemivertebra      OMIM: 9123
Hypothyroidism TPO  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Lens luxation ADAMTS17  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Microphthalmia have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Patella luxation      OMIM: 9123
Progressive retinal atrophy (Rod-cone dysplasia) CNGB1  RPGR  GNGT2  PDE6B  RD3  PDE6A  C17H2orf71  SAG  FAM161A  MERTK  CNGA1  have an increased incidence OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Retinal dysplasia      OMIM: 9123
Tricuspid valve dysplasia have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Ventricular septal defect      OMIM: 9123
Associated SNP Information
There are no associated SNPs