Dandie Dinmont Terrier Detail Information
General Information

iDog Breed Number: CB85
Original: United Kingdom (Scotland)
Energy Level: Somewhat Active; Not a frantic terrier, Dandies are fine with a couple of good walks a day and some vigorous play
Good With Children: Better with Supervision
Good with other Dogs: Not Recommended
Shedding: Infrequent
Grooming: Weekly
Trainability: Responds Well
Height: 20.3-27.9 cm
Weight: 8.2-10.9 kg
Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

Web Source Name: Dandie Dinmont Terrier from AKC
Common Name: Dandie; Hindlee Terrier

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Associated Disease Information
Disease Name Gene Name Disease Level (CIDD) Associated Links
Allergies      OMIM: 9123
Blue eyes      OMIM: 9123
Atopic dermatitis      OMIM: 9123
Distichiasis      OMIM: 9123
Folliculitis      OMIM: 9123
Furunculosis      OMIM: 9123
Granulomatous sebaceous adenitis      OMIM: 9123
Osteochondritis dissecans      OMIM: 9123
Squamous cell carcinoma      OMIM: 9123
Uric acid calculi      OMIM: 9123
Uric acid excretion abnormalities      OMIM: 9123
Osteochondrosis      OMIM: 9123
Atopy      OMIM: 9123
Deafness      OMIM: 9123
Demodicosis      OMIM: 9123
Entropion      OMIM: 9123
Glaucoma ADAMTS10  NEB  ADAMTS17  have an increased incidence OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Globoid cell leukodystrophy GALC  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Hip dysplasia      OMIM: 9123
Hyperadrenocorticism or Cushing's disease have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Hypothyroidism TPO  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Intervertebral disc disease FGF4 retrogene in CFA12  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Lysosomal storage diseases      OMIM: 9123
Microphthalmia      OMIM: 9123
Pannus      OMIM: 9123
Patella luxation may be inherited      OMIM: 9123
Portosystemic shunt may be inherited      OMIM: 9123
Progressive retinal atrophy (Rod-cone dysplasia) CNGB1  RPGR  GNGT2  PDE6B  RD3  PDE6A  C17H2orf71  SAG  FAM161A  MERTK  CNGA1  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Sebaceous adenitis      OMIM: 9123
Urolithiasis (stones) SLC2A9  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Associated SNP Information
There are no associated SNPs