How to use DogHDC ?

Dog Human Disease Connection (DogHDC) dedicates to provides homolog information for the dog disease associated gene in other animals, especially in human. All the homolog information are comes from NCBI HomologGene as well as OMIM .

1. Browse Data

1.1 Dog&Human homolog information

We filter 235 dog disease associated gene from DogPD database, and then found the homolog information from NCBI HomologGene. We also download the OMIM information for human to find the possible associate MIM number for given gene. The homolog gene includes two columns that are Dog Gene and Human Gene. The Dog Gene will link to the detail information of gene, while the human gene will link to homolog organism.

The homolog gene information:

2. Search Data

iDog enables users to search the homolog information by Gene Symbol, Gene name, Disease name as well as genome location. A search page as follows.