Gene Query Help
1. Gene Query Form

Gene Query Form allows user to make gene queries restricted by several filters, such as gene symbol, gene location, go term, disease and InterPro protein domains.

Fill in the conditions of the filters, then click search, the result will be shown in a Gene List.

Click on an interested Gene ID will open the Gene Detail Information page, which includes 10 categories, described as follows.

2. Gene Detail

a) Gene Summary: describes the basic information of the chosen gene and collected resources with links.

b) Gene Structure: visualizes the intron and exon structure of the chosen gene generated by GBrowse.

c) SNP Information: shows SNP annotation of the chosen gene integrated from the DogSD Database.

d) Exon Information in Dhole Genome Assembly: shows the corresponding exon structure of the dhole genome annotated to the chosen gene.

e) GWAS Catalog: shows the integrated GWAS information of this gene.

f) Dog Disease Information: Dog Diseases of the DogPD database that are possibly caused by the chosen gene.

g) Expression Information: the expression profile in five tissues from the DogED database.

h) Homolog Gene: shows the homolog gene information in 10 organisms including human and dog. Moreover, the OMIM information is integrated to the human gene.

i) Gene Ontology: shows the GO information of this gene, including molecular function, biological process and cellular component.

j) Genome Browse: shows the RefSNP and Individual SNP of this Gene.