1. Gene Query

Users can use filter restricting their gene queries with our gene query form. Detailed information of the results in iDog are presented in 10 categories, including Gene Summary, Gene Structure, SNP Information, Exon Information in Dhole Genome Assembly, GWAS Catalog, Dog Disease Information, Expression Information, Homolog Gene, Gene Ontology and Genome Browser.

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2. Dog Genome Database

Dog Genome Database (DogGD) is a data container for the genome assembly information of wolf/dhole genomes. It features scaffold, annotated gene and protein information.

Detailed tutorials are provided below.

3. Dog SNP Database

Dog Genome SNP Database (DogSD) is a data container for the variation information of dog/wolf genomes. In the current version, DogSD contains 42 million non-redundant SNPs which curated from 127 individual samples and dbSNP (ver 146).

Detailed tutorials are provided below.

4. Dog Phenotype Database

Dog Phenotype Database (DogPD) provides access to dog breeds, diseases and associated gene information collected from public resources.

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5. Dog Expression Database

Dog Expression Database (DogED) is a repository of gene expression profiles derived entirely from RNA-Seq data analysis of tissues from Canis. Currently, 7 RNA-Seq Projects and 83 Experiments are collected from NCBI.

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6. Dog Human Disease Connection

Dog Human Disease Connection (DogHDC) is dedicated to provide homolog information for dog disease associated genes in other species, especially in human. All homolog information is curated from NCBI Homolog Gene as well as OMIM .

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7. Dog Online

Dog online provides data visualization and analysis tools for iDog. Users can analyze their own data and visualize the results online.

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