LncRNAWiki 2.0: an Updated Knowledgebase of Human Long non-coding RNAs

NGDC  Jan 18, 2022

Recently, researchers from the Beijing Institute of Genomics of Chinese Academy of Sciences / China National Center for Bioinformation have constructed an updated knowledgebase of human long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) —— LncRNAWiki 2.0. This work was published with the title "LncRNAWiki 2.0: a knowledgebase of human long non-coding RNAs with enhanced curation model and database system" in the journal Nucleic Acids Research

LncRNAWiki, officially released in 2015, is a knowledgebase that harnesses community collective knowledge in collecting, editing and annotating human lncRNAs, and it has been rapidly expanded by incorporating more experimentally validated lncRNAs. Since it was built based on MediaWiki as its database system, LncRNAWiki 1.0 fails to manage data in a structured way and is ineffective to support systematic exploration of lncRNAs. The research group therefore developed an updated version, LncRNAWiki 2.0, which is greatly improved with enhanced database system and curation model. 

In LncRNAWiki 2.0, all contents are organized in a structured manner powered by MySQL/Java and curators are able to submit/edit annotations based on the curation model that includes a wider range of annotation items. Moreover, it is equipped with popular online tools to help users identify lncRNAs with potentially important functions, and provides more user-friendly web interfaces to facilitate data curation, retrieval and visualization. Consequently, LncRNAWiki 2.0 incorporates a total of 2,512 lncRNAs and 106,242 associations for disease, function, drug, interacting partner, molecular signature, experimental sample, CRISPR design, etc., thus providing a comprehensive and up-to-date resource of functionally annotated lncRNAs in human. 

Curation workflow and database contents of LncRNAWiki 2.0 (Image by ZHANG Zhang’s group)

Dr. Ma Lina
Email: malina@big.ac.cn
Dr. ZHANG Zhang
Email: zhangzhang@big.ac.cn