Kick-off of ANSO Project on Accurate Early Warning Methods for High-risk Variants of Global Emerging Infectious Diseases

NGDC  Feb 10, 2023

The kick-off meeting of ANSO Collaborative Research Project entitled "Study on Accurate Early Warning Methods for High-risk Variants of Global Emerging Infectious Diseases" was held online on January 30, 2023, hosted by Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (BIG, CAS) / China National Center for Bioinformation (CNCB). Representatives from the cooperative organizations attended the meeting, including National Laboratory for Scientific Computation (LNCC), Brazil, University of Montpellier, France, and National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Pakistan. Prof. Minyan Zhao, Ms. Shuwen Xu and Dr. Qian Li, program officers of ANSO Secretariat, also participated the meeting.

Ms. Shuwen Xu delivered an opening speech on behalf of ANSO, congratulating on the funding of the project, and gave a brief introduction on ANSO, in particular the aims and evaluation criteria for the Collaborative Research Project, wishing the successful completion of the project and the continuous realization of ANSO’s vision of scientific and technological cooperation.

Prof. Shuhui Song, leading investigator of this project, expressed gratitude for ANSO’s support. She gave a presentation including introduction of the project and current research progress on this topic from her group. Through international cooperation in related fields, this project will build a database of global emerging infectious diseases and a data sharing mechanism, develop key technologies for big data analysis and dynamic monitoring based on pathogen genomes of emerging infectious diseases, establish models and methods for accurate monitoring and early warning of high-risk variants. The project is expected to provide data and technical support for Belt and Road countries/regions for the prevention and response to emerging infectious diseases.

During the meeting, the participants of the project, including Prof. Mingkun Li from the Chinese team, Prof. Ana Tereza Ribeiro de Vasconcelos from Brazil, Prof. Sofia Kossida from France, and Prof. Amjad Ali from Pakistan gave reports on their featured resource and research progress, respectively. The four teams also discussed issues such as future research goals, data analysis and sharing, academic visit and talent training in the scope of this project. All attendants agree to strengthen the mutual cooperation for the implementation of the project to achieve the objectives as expected.