The Big Data Center Held Annual Meeting

ADMIN  Mar 17, 2018

The 2017 Annual Meeting of BIG Data Center of Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was successfully held at the International Conference Center of Yanqi Lake Campus of University of CAS during January 12th-13th, 2018. Prof. ZHU Weimin from National Center for Protein Sciences, Prof. LUO Jingchu from Peking University, representatives of CAS Key Laboratories in BIG, all staff and students in the BIG Data Center attended the meeting.

Prof. BAO Yiming, director of BIG Data Center, firstly introduced the achievements in 2017, including scientific research progress, cultural cultivation, infrastructure construction, and team building, cooperation and communication in 2017, and put forward the 2018 work plan. He pointed that, in the past year, four areas of research work have been published in Nucleic Acids Research, presenting global recognition in the construction of comprehensive biological database resources in BIG Data Center.


Regarding the funding support, BIG Data Center has received more than 10 projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, as well as CAS. Above all, BIG Data Center has declared to foster and lead several important national projects, including the National Bioinformatics Center, the cutting-edge platform for precision medicine and data science, biomedical big data infrastructure, Huairou Life and Health Science Center, and human genetic resources information platform. In addition, two members from BIG Data Center, ZHAO Wenming and SANG Jian, have been awarded as "BIG Excellent Representative".

Subsequently, each member reported their individual work in 2017 and future plan in 2018. Prof. LUO Jingchu and Prof. ZHU Weimin held in-depth discussions and provided valuable opinions and suggestions in enhancing the international influence, strengthening international connection and cooperation, developing tools and algorithms for big data analysis, as well as establishing stable funding support and strengthening sustainable development of data resources.

Prof. BAO summarized that this meeting is a valuable guiding of the development and construction of BIG Data Center in the coming years. Since being established in 2016, BIG Data Center has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. Nevertheless, with a long way to go, all staff and students in the BIG Data Center will keep going forward by working hard with the initial mind and the mission.