Sino-Thai Primate Research Forum Held in BIG

ADMIN  May 6, 2019

The Sino-Thai Primate Research Forum on Global Biodiversity and Health Big Data was held in Beijing Institute of Genomics BIG, Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS on April 22-23, 2019. Over 20 researchers from various organizations of China and Thailand attended the forum.

The forum is jointly organized by the BIG Data Center BIGD and the National Primate Research Center of Thailand NPRCT, Chulalongkorn University CU, as one of the cooperation contents between the two organization members of the Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data Alliance BHBD, established in 2018.

At the beginning of the forum, Prof. Yongbiao Xue, Director of BIG, and Prof. Kiat Ruxrungtham, Vice President for Research and Innovation, CU, gave opening remarks, respectively. Prof. Yiming Bao, Chair of the BHBD Council and Director of BIGD, presented an overview of BHBD and BIGD.  

During the two-day meeting, seven researchers from China and six from Thailand gave reports on the studies of evolutional and functional genomics, biomedicine, microbiome, and tuberculosis related to primates, respectively. Both parties also discussed interested issues including scientific project collaboration, data and sample sharing, co-publication, bilateral workshop, student/staff exchange and trainning, and achieved mutual understanding in many aspects.