EWAS Data Hub: a resource of DNA methylation array data and metadata

ADMIN  Oct 29, 2019

Epigenome-Wide Association Study (EWAS) has become an effective strategy to explore epigenetic basis of complex traits. Over the past decade, a large amount of epigenetic data, especially those sourced from DNA methylation array, has been accumulated as the result of numerous EWAS projects. We present EWAS Data Hub (https://bigd.big.ac.cn/ewas/datahub), a resource for collecting and normalizing DNA methylation array data as well as archiving associated metadata. The current release of EWAS Data Hub integrates a comprehensive collection of DNA methylation array data from 75 344 samples and employs an effective normalization method to remove batch effects among different datasets. Accordingly, taking advantages of both massive high-quality DNA methylation data and standardized metadata, EWAS Data Hub provides reference DNA methylation profiles under different contexts, involving 81 tissues/cell types (that contain 25 brain parts and 25 blood cell types), six ancestry categories, and 67 diseases (including 39 cancers). In summary, EWAS Data Hub bears great promise to aid the retrieval and discovery of methylation-based biomarkers for phenotype characterization, clinical treatment and health care.

This research was published online in the article entitled “EWAS Data Hub: a resource of DNA methylation array data and metadata” in Nucleic Acids Research on October 4, 2019.