NucMap is a database of genome-wide nucleosome positioning map across species. It provides services on querying and visualizing nucleosome positioning information at single nucleotide resolution. Users can also perform enrichment analysis and comparative analysis of all collected samples.
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  • V1

    NucMap: a database of genome-wide nucleosome positioning map across species, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 47, Issue D1, 8 January 2019, Pages D163-D169.

  • V2 2024-04-15

    In the Map module, GC content and AA/TT/TA frequency tracks can now be displayed, and the Select Tracks panel has been optimized for easier searching.

  • V2 2024-04-09

    Descriptions of MNase-seq samples have been added in Related Omics module.

  • V2 2024-03-31

    MNase concentration information has been curated for all collected samples.

  • V2 2024-01-09

    In the Map module, coverage in introns has been cleaned for RNA-seq tracks and normalization has been performed for both RNA-seq tracks and ChIP-seq tracks.

  • V2 2023-11-08

    The motif resource module has been renamed to the TFBSs resource module.

  • V2 2023-05-06

    Users can now get access to the motif resource module.

  • V2 2022-07-19

    The comparative analysis module is now available.

  • V2 2022-07-01

    NucMap version 2 is now online.

  • V1 2022-01-26

    Data for download has been migrated to the new site.

  • V1 2018-07-12

    Online analysis module has been released.

  • V1 2018-06-30

    NucMap database version 1.0 has been released.

  • V1 2018-04-13

    Nucleosome browser has been released.