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BIG Search is a scalable text search engine built based on ElasticSearch (a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene). It features cross-domain search and facilitates users to gain access to a wide range of biomedical data, not only from NGDC databases but also partner databases throughout the world.

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tool: MEGSA
basicInfo: , we identified a MEGS with five genes (FLT3, IDH2, NRAS, KIT, and TP53) and a MEGS (NPM1, TP53, and, cancer, we identified a significant MEGS consisting of TP53 and four infrequently mutated genes (ARID1A
basicInfo: suppressor genes TP53 and NF1 and in a candidate tumor suppressor gene CDK12. We also used ABSOLUTE to infer
tool: INDELseek
basicInfo: , BRCA2 and TP53 mutations with gained or rescued protein-truncating effects.INDELseek is an accurate
tool: pathTiMEx
basicInfo: , such as the temporal order among pathways which include APC, KRAS, and TP53 in colorectal cancer
tool: Differential Gene Correlation Analysis
basicInfo: only identifies key changes in the regulatory relationships between TP53 and PTEN and their target