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BioProject: mango genome sequencing

  • Accession: PRJCA005296
  • Title: mango genome sequencing
  • Description: We sequenced and analysed the genome of mango cultivar 'Irwin' using single molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing and high-throughput chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) techniques. Then, we performed genomic and comprehensive transcriptome analyses of genes involved in carotenoid biosynthesis to explore the molecular mechanism of ??-carotene biosynthesis and its regulation in mango flesh color during fruit development and ripening.
  • Samples: SAMC391094 SAMC391093 SAMC391092 SAMC391091 SAMC391090 SAMC391089 more
  • GSAs: CRA004336
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA005296; Whole genome sequencing Genome sequencing and assembly; Agricultural