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BioProject: Transcriptome study on hematopoietic stem cell defferentiation

  • Accession: PRJCA000126
  • Title: Transcriptome study on hematopoietic stem cell defferentiation
  • Description: To explore the dynamic changes in stages of erythropoiesis and potential controlling mechanisms in transcriptome level, we took advantages of high throughput sequencing technologies to obtain transcriptome data from cord blood hematopoietic stem cells and its following four erythroid differentiation stages, as well as mature red blood cells.
  • Samples: SAMC000403 SAMC000402 SAMC000401 SAMC000400 SAMC000399 SAMC000398 more
  • GSAs: CRA000022
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000126; Transcriptome or Gene expression; Development