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Total 525 record(s) from BioSample

BioSample: a1: EGFR-KO_Kidney_HFD

  • Accession: SAMN16205941
  • Title: a1: EGFR-KO_Kidney_HFD
  • Basic Information : SAMN16205941; a1: EGFR-KO_Kidney_HFD; Mus musculus

BioSample: a7: EGFR-KO_Kidney_SD

  • Accession: SAMN16205942
  • Title: a7: EGFR-KO_Kidney_SD
  • Basic Information : SAMN16205942; a7: EGFR-KO_Kidney_SD; Mus musculus

BioSample: R-14: EGFR-KO_Aorta_SD

  • Accession: SAMN16205961
  • Title: R-14: EGFR-KO_Aorta_SD
  • Basic Information : SAMN16205961; R-14: EGFR-KO_Aorta_SD; Mus musculus

BioSample: a4: EGFR-KO_Kidney_HFD

  • Accession: SAMN16205977
  • Title: a4: EGFR-KO_Kidney_HFD
  • Basic Information : SAMN16205977; a4: EGFR-KO_Kidney_HFD; Mus musculus

BioSample: HCC827 EGFR WT-RT

  • Accession: SAMN17293899
  • Title: HCC827 EGFR WT-RT
  • Basic Information : SAMN17293899; HCC827 EGFR WT-RT; Homo sapiens

BioSample: EGFR-L858R-based library

  • Accession: SAMEA7462189
  • Title: EGFR-L858R-based library
  • Basic Information : SAMEA7462189; EGFR-L858R-based library; Homo sapiens

BioSample: EGFR-activated rep1

  • Accession: SAMN13910618
  • Title: EGFR-activated rep1
  • Basic Information : SAMN13910618; EGFR-activated rep1; Drosophila melanogaster

BioSample: Activating EGFR mutations_Experiment A

  • Accession: SAMEA11225540
  • Title: Activating EGFR mutations_Experiment A
  • Basic Information : SAMEA11225540; Activating EGFR mutations_Experiment A; Homo sapiens

BioSample: Activating EGFR mutations_Experiment B

  • Accession: SAMEA11225541
  • Title: Activating EGFR mutations_Experiment B
  • Basic Information : SAMEA11225541; Activating EGFR mutations_Experiment B; Homo sapiens

BioSample: NIH3T3 EGFR L858R_SB11 (Replicate_2)

  • Accession: SAMN07348770
  • Title: NIH3T3 EGFR L858R_SB11 (Replicate_2)
  • Basic Information : SAMN07348770; NIH3T3 EGFR L858R_SB11 (Replicate_2); Mus musculus