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BIG Search is a scalable text search engine built based on ElasticSearch (a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene). It features cross-domain search and facilitates users to gain access to a wide range of biomedical data, not only from NGDC databases but also partner databases throughout the world.

e.g., PRJCA000126;SAMC000385;tp53;EGFR; human; KaKs_Calculator

Total 1179 record(s) from GSA

Run: principal sulcus_2(L)

  • Accession: CRR020252
  • Title: principal sulcus_2(L)
  • Description: CRR020252 principal sulcus_2(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020252; CRX018643; SAMC015492; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; principal sulcus_2(L)

Run: principal sulcus_4(L)

  • Accession: CRR020254
  • Title: principal sulcus_4(L)
  • Description: CRR020254 principal sulcus_4(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020254; CRX018645; SAMC015494; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; principal sulcus_4(L)

Run: principal sulcus_7(L)

  • Accession: CRR020257
  • Title: principal sulcus_7(L)
  • Description: CRR020257 principal sulcus_7(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020257; CRX018648; SAMC015497; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; principal sulcus_7(L)

Run: intraparietal sulcus_1(L)

  • Accession: CRR020320
  • Title: intraparietal sulcus_1(L)
  • Description: CRR020320 intraparietal sulcus_1(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020320; CRX018711; SAMC015560; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; intraparietal sulcus_1(L)

Run: intraparietal sulcus_4(L)

  • Accession: CRR020323
  • Title: intraparietal sulcus_4(L)
  • Description: CRR020323 intraparietal sulcus_4(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020323; CRX018714; SAMC015563; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; intraparietal sulcus_4(L)

Run: intraparietal sulcus_6(R)

  • Accession: CRR020332
  • Title: intraparietal sulcus_6(R)
  • Description: CRR020332 intraparietal sulcus_6(R)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020332; CRX018723; SAMC015572; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; intraparietal sulcus_6(R)

Run: intraparietal sulcus_7(R)

  • Accession: CRR020333
  • Title: intraparietal sulcus_7(R)
  • Description: CRR020333 intraparietal sulcus_7(R)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020333; CRX018724; SAMC015573; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; intraparietal sulcus_7(R)

Run: lateral fissure_1(L)

  • Accession: CRR020334
  • Title: lateral fissure_1(L)
  • Description: CRR020334 lateral fissure_1(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020334; CRX018725; SAMC015574; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; lateral fissure_1(L)

Run: lateral fissure_6(L)

  • Accession: CRR020339
  • Title: lateral fissure_6(L)
  • Description: CRR020339 lateral fissure_6(L)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020339; CRX018730; SAMC015579; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; lateral fissure_6(L)

Run: lateral fissure_1(R)

  • Accession: CRR020341
  • Title: lateral fissure_1(R)
  • Description: CRR020341 lateral fissure_1(R)
  • BasicInfo : CRR020341; CRX018732; SAMC015581; CRA000336; PRJCA000478; lateral fissure_1(R)