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e.g., PRJCA000126;SAMC000385;tp53;EGFR; human; KaKs_Calculator

Total 25 record(s) from GSA

GSA: cerebellum_m6A

  • Accession: CRA000472
  • Title: cerebellum_m6A
  • Description: cerebellum_m6A
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000543; CRA000472; cerebellum_m6A

Run: mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_WT_ip

  • Accession: CRR021697
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_WT_ip
  • Description: CRR021697 mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_WT_ip
  • BasicInfo : CRR021697; CRX019746; SAMC016591; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_WT_ip

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P60_ip

  • Accession: CRR021699
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P60_ip
  • Description: CRR021699 mouse_cerebellum_P60_ip
  • BasicInfo : CRR021699; CRX019744; SAMC016589; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P60_ip

Run: mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_KO_ip

  • Accession: CRR021700
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_KO_ip
  • Description: CRR021700 mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_KO_ip
  • BasicInfo : CRR021700; CRX019747; SAMC016590; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_Alkbh5_KO_ip

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P60_input

  • Accession: CRR021704
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P60_input
  • Description: CRR021704 mouse_cerebellum_P60_input
  • BasicInfo : CRR021704; CRX019751; SAMC016589; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P60_input

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P7_input

  • Accession: CRR021701
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P7_input
  • Description: CRR021701 mouse_cerebellum_P7_input
  • BasicInfo : CRR021701; CRX019748; SAMC016585; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P7_input

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P14_ip

  • Accession: CRR021692
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P14_ip
  • Description: CRR021692 mouse_cerebellum_P14_ip
  • BasicInfo : CRR021692; CRX019741; SAMC016587; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P14_ip

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P21_ip

  • Accession: CRR021695
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P21_ip
  • Description: CRR021695 mouse_cerebellum_P21_ip
  • BasicInfo : CRR021695; CRX019743; SAMC016588; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P21_ip

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P21_input

  • Accession: CRR021703
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P21_input
  • Description: CRR021703 mouse_cerebellum_P21_input
  • BasicInfo : CRR021703; CRX019750; SAMC016588; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P21_input

Run: mouse_cerebellum_P7_ip

  • Accession: CRR021693
  • Title: mouse_cerebellum_P7_ip
  • Description: CRR021693 mouse_cerebellum_P7_ip
  • BasicInfo : CRR021693; CRX019742; SAMC016585; CRA000472; PRJCA000543; mouse_cerebellum_P7_ip