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e.g., PRJCA000126;SAMC000385;tp53;EGFR; human; KaKs_Calculator

Total 53 record(s) from GSA

GSA: PGLS overexpressed

  • Accession: CRA001751
  • Title: PGLS overexpressed
  • Description: PGLS overexpressed
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA001537; CRA001751; PGLS overexpressed

Run: prefrontal??cortex_1?Control?

  • Accession: CRR057873
  • Title: prefrontal??cortex_1?Control?
  • Description: CRR057873 prefrontal??cortex_1?Control?
  • BasicInfo : CRR057873; CRX052220; SAMC072463; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; prefrontal??cortex_1?Control?

Run: occipital lobe_1?Control?

  • Accession: CRR057879
  • Title: occipital lobe_1?Control?
  • Description: CRR057879 occipital lobe_1?Control?
  • BasicInfo : CRR057879; CRX052226; SAMC072469; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; occipital lobe_1?Control?

Run: hippocampuses_2?PGLS?

  • Accession: CRR057883
  • Title: hippocampuses_2?PGLS?
  • Description: CRR057883 hippocampuses_2?PGLS?
  • BasicInfo : CRR057883; CRX052230; SAMC072473; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; hippocampuses_2?PGLS?

Run: temporal??lobe_2 (PGLS)

  • Accession: CRR057885
  • Title: temporal??lobe_2 (PGLS)
  • Description: CRR057885 temporal??lobe_2 (PGLS)
  • BasicInfo : CRR057885; CRX052232; SAMC072475; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; temporal??lobe_2 (PGLS)

Run: striatum_1(PGLS)

  • Accession: CRR057889
  • Title: striatum_1(PGLS)
  • Description: CRR057889 striatum_1(PGLS)
  • BasicInfo : CRR057889; CRX052236; SAMC072479; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; striatum_1(PGLS)

Run: parietal lobes_1(Control)

  • Accession: CRR057868
  • Title: parietal lobes_1(Control)
  • Description: CRR057868 parietal lobes_1(Control)
  • BasicInfo : CRR057868; CRX052215; SAMC072458; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; parietal lobes_1(Control)

Run: parietal lobes_2(Control)

  • Accession: CRR057869
  • Title: parietal lobes_2(Control)
  • Description: CRR057869 parietal lobes_2(Control)
  • BasicInfo : CRR057869; CRX052216; SAMC072459; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; parietal lobes_2(Control)

Run: hippocampuses_1?Control?

  • Accession: CRR057870
  • Title: hippocampuses_1?Control?
  • Description: CRR057870 hippocampuses_1?Control?
  • BasicInfo : CRR057870; CRX052217; SAMC072460; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; hippocampuses_1?Control?

Run: prefrontal??cortex_2?Control?

  • Accession: CRR057874
  • Title: prefrontal??cortex_2?Control?
  • Description: CRR057874 prefrontal??cortex_2?Control?
  • BasicInfo : CRR057874; CRX052221; SAMC072464; CRA001751; PRJCA001537; prefrontal??cortex_2?Control?