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gene: NPC2
description: Sterol transport protein and functional homolog of human NPC2/He1; human NPC2 is a cholesterol, in lysosomes; yeast NPC2 can complement mutations in human NPC2 [Source:SGD;Acc:S000002204]
gene: TMA22
description: ; interacts with Tma20p; similar to human GRAP and human DRP1, which interacts with human Tma20p homolog
gene: frl-1
description: frl-1 encodes a homolog of human FMNL1 (also known as human leukocyte formin) and FMNL2-3, and a, paralog of human DAAM1-2. FRL-1 enables Wnt-directed planar cell polarity. FRL-1 is required for the
gene: G2XKQ0
species: Human
gene: E2RYF7
species: Human
gene: A6NCF6
species: Human
gene: A6NEY8
species: Human
gene: A6NJ88
species: Human
gene: A6NL46
species: Human
gene: A6NMZ5
species: Human